Thursday, February 10, 2011

More snow

I think I've had to shovel snow every day in the last week except Saturday.  Saturday was a technicality.

I had tickets for the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields chamber ensemble in Rutland (about 70 miles south on Rt 7.)

Kayak buddy Sam lives pretty close to Rutland.  He switches over to back country skiing once the snow builds up and is always trying to get me to come down there, so I called and made arrangements.   He suggested that I probably couldn't get to his house without 4 wheel drive, so meet him at the local store.

We took off through the forest from his house, skirting the Mountain Top Inn, picking up a mile or 2 of the Catamount Trail (a ski trail that spans Vermont from north to south,) and hitting the Chittenden reservoir.

From Other2011

The tiny black dot on the snow in the distance is somebody ice fishing.

On the way back it started snowing hard enough to remind me why I started wearing contact lenses for winter sports (but not today!)

After getting back, Sam drove me back to my car.  Scraped the windows off and headed to Rutland, where there's a covered parking garage across the street from the theater (yay).

The box office was holding my tickets.. in theory.... After flipping through a box of envelopes they can't find them.
"Did you order them online?"
"No.  XXXX from VPR (Vermont Public Radio) called it in. "

They check the box of envelopes again, look over some lists, then "Hmmmm.. I don't see it anywhere."

Sinking feeling.....

"Don't worry, we'll get you in."

Yes, it's Vermont!  On the strength of showing up and saying I'm supposed to have a ticket, they trust.

"Robin isn't coming, Here's her ticket."

Center seat, fourth row.  Cool!

Usually at things like this you see people you know, but since I'm not from around there, no (though I *do* know Robin, whose seat I'm in.)
The topics of pre-concert small talk were road conditions and preparation for sugaring season.  Since I drove a ways and tap my one maple tree I guess I fit in.

The concert was great, followed by a performer meet & greet in the lobby over cookies and coffee.

Then, back to the snow.... 70 miles back home at 20-30 mph.  Not bad other than how long it took.  Home around 1 am Sunday morning, then it  took about half an hour to shovel enough of the driveway to get off the road.

So that's why I didn't have to shovel on Saturday.