Monday, July 09, 2007

The Mustard Belt Returns to America!

The Nathan's famous July 4th hot dog contest was won this year by Joey Chestnut, downing a record 66 hot dogs. 5 time winner Takero "The Tsnunami" Kobayashi managed to beat the old record with 63 despite a sore jaw, but couldn't ketchup to Joey's pace.

In a post contest interview, Kobayashi said, "I lost but this was the most fun I had." "I didn't feel pain but my jaw wasn't moving part way through," he said of his injury.

Sonya Thomas set a new women's record with 39.

Joey with 66 hot dogs, photo from Philadelphia Inquirer story:

Rumored for next year: a division where all hot dogs have to be stolen from someone else who is plannnig to eat it. Getting them served on a platter is for pansies.

A certain seagull who formerly trained at "Beansie's Gym" was spotted yesterday snagging dogs off a hot charcoal grill at Sandbar Beach and practicing defensive moves against a secondary steal by other gulls.

Whitey the seagull, shown munching down a dog with his trainer:

Whitey outside the new training facility in Lake Placid. I think they got a development grant to put it in with the Olympic complex. Its a tourist thing.. after you take the guided ride down the bobsled track, you can buy the same hot dog the professionals eat!

Photo by Heartreef on flickr

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