Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wow, a month since the last blog. We've still been going out typically twice a week, including:
Kingsland bay. You can see the water level has dropped from the high mark. 4 or 5 more feet to go for typical summer level.

As usual, I didn't take the camera out for the windy/wavy bits. We went across to the New York side along the Palisades (3-400 foot cliffs) which had some good waves bouncing off them. With 25 knots wind we had some good surfing on the way back. Sam was having so much fun we decided to keep going past where we would just to get home, so we had about 45 minutes of full steam paddling straight into the wind to make up for that at the end.

Another launch from Shelburne Farms. A bit further south there were a lot of lilacs along the shore.

Annual club meeting in North Hero. Warmer water, and kayakers who don't come out when you need drysuits. That widens the pool of potential companions from 8 or 10 to 50 or 60.

The drawbridge crosses a straight known as "The Gut" connecting the NE corner of Champlain from the main part of the lake.

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