Thursday, November 06, 2008

Indian Summer

I figured with the demise of daylight savings time the midweek paddles would be done. Then we got a warm spell, pushing 70 degrees Wednesday and calls started flying about a lunch time trip, not too long, but take advantage while we can.

We ran into Bruce building a house by the shore just north of Red Rocks. Apparently he used to paddle with our gang, before my time. Then he got totally immersed in outrigger canoes. This was the first we'd seen of him since the Maloko'i (sp?) a ~40 mile race in Hawaii last month.

With the warm temperature, dry suit, and tuiliq I started embracing the concept of the back brace resting position. (the picture is not me, just to show)

For some flexibility reason it works ok for me on the left side but on the right I have to keep sculling to stay on the surface.

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