Sunday, February 08, 2009

January Thaw, in February

The temperature peaked at 50 in the way dark early morning, and started coming back down. The scouting call came around 8:30 AM: "Meet at Coast Guard at 9:30"
Not much notice, but OK, I guess. I asked how clear the harbor was.
"Oh, did I say Coast Guard? I meant Coach Barn (@ Shelburne Farms)."

Glad I found out!

Shelburne Farms is on the outside of the point that forms Shelburne Bay. Driving by, I could see the bay was still frozen up enough for trucks to drive out on the ice for fishing or whatever (safely? I dunno!) The one in the picture is a 6 wheel dump truck.

The cove by the barn was full of nominally loose chunks, but packed too tightly to paddle through.

There was clear enough shore closer to the point.

Soon we found ourselves in a windy wavy sleet storm. Fun, but decidedly camera unfriendly. By the time we got back. the wind had blown that packed ice in the cove off shore and it had spread enough to paddle through.

Look closely (or click on the pic) and you see above a pair of cut down ski poles on the back of Dave's kayak. They seem to be more effective than nail boards in moving across sheet ice (and decidedly less dangerous to neoprene)

Back at shore a seal landing finished the trip.

On the touristy side, the farm has this sleigh to give rides around the grounds. It might look nice with 3 or 4 kayaks in the back.

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