Wednesday, March 25, 2009

15 seconds of fame

A local TV news reporter somehow hooked up with Dave and wanted to do a piece on winter kayaking. By the time everyone's schedule could mesh it's spring, oh well.

So we got interviewed, and I got to paddle for a while with a camcorder taped to my deck and a wireless microphone clipped on my PFD while the "big gun" shot from shore:

(Note to self: Don't roll and try not to splash the camera!)

Hopefully we conveyed both a sense of the safety precautions and reasons we do it.
We'll see what's left after editing.

It should be on tomorrow's (3/26) evening news (WCAX) then on their web site a couple of days later.

The piece is on their web site under "Destination Recreation".

It looks good. Some of the points we thought were important got lost
to editing, but that's generally the case with the media.

The critical eye will see I had bad paddling form, bent elbows, not doing torso rotation. I was avoiding
full strokes because of the camcorder taped to the kayak.

In the story on Nordic skating they skated out to the Palisades. In
middle of the video a huge chunk of ice falls off the cliff sending a
wave through the ice under their feet. A new sport for when the lake is too solid to paddle!

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