Saturday, July 25, 2009

Isle LaMotte

Isle La Motte is an island in Lake Champlain. Sam Champlain camped here for a while in July 1609 (watch out for quadracentennial celebrants!), and it is the site of Vermont's first permanent European settlement. Teddy Roosevelt was here addressing the fish and game league when he learned president McKinley had been shot.

Isle La Motte is also home to the world's oldest known coral reef, ~450 million years. The reef is hundreds of miles long, but here's where it outcrops and is visible.

Last but not least, we paddled around it yesterday. It's about 15 miles around, with just a few hundred people, so being the first town didn't lead to being biggest.

Here at the put in we see I still have Mr. Twitchy the paddle. As you can see, it appears to be wrapped around my old Greenland Paddle... maybe that's got something to do with it's mysterious properties?

We landed to check out this statue of Samuel Champlain at his camping spot.
Champlain statue on Isle LaMotte

A couple of people had to confer on the route

Typical shoreline:

Sam from the local kayak dealer announced he was having a sail.

We lunched on Cloak Island, just off the south end of Isle La Motte. Much of the greenery is poison Ivy, so stay on the beach.


Ol' Philosophizer said...

It's curious how many places claim to be the spot where Teddy Roosevelt learned of McKinleys' assassination. New Yorkers say he was in the Adirondacks at the time, and have erected a plaque at the spot where he was supposed to have come out of the woods.

And speaking of Quadricentennial celebrants, the Malden Yacht Club will return to Lake Champlain on August 28 -30, and will be paddling the stretch from Willsboro Bay to Plattsburgh. Maybe we will see your club on the Lake this time.

Don said...

There's a distinction between where he learned of the shooting and where he learned it was an assassination as it took a while for McKinley to die of the infected wound.

Don said...

On that point, interesting that news of the president being shot (but not dead) wasn't cause for TR to call off his trip to the mountains.

Anonymous said...

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