Monday, March 08, 2010

WHere's my sap?

Freezing nights, 40 degree days.  That should be ideal for sugaring, but I tapped my one maple tree and the hole is totally dry.  Consolation prize... also great paddling weather.

This has been the least frozen winter I've seen. We haven't had to go far afield to find open water at all this winter. Oakledge is the closest of our normal summer launch points and was looking pretty accessible this week. Just a little jumble of chunks to get through. Uh Oh... no lifeguard?

From Kayak2010

Tom decided it was time to get back to skinboat season. I can't fit in mine with mukluks.. maybe next week?

We headed into Shelburne bay. The warm weather had hikers at the overlook in Red Rocks watching the rolls

Then we went out into the main lake, south almost to Shelburne town beach, and rode some light waves & tailwind back.

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