Monday, September 20, 2010

Not quite a festival, but a long GP weekend

Our local club just had a full weekend of classes with Turner Wilson, Cheri Perry, and their intern (not sure that's the right term, maybe touring partner?) Adam Hansen from Greenland.

There's been a surge interest for skill development since that squall hit a club trip a few posts back.  "Hmmmm.... maybe all that rolling, heavy bracing and such aren't just parlor tricks for those boyz in the hoodz!"
So the classes (rolling and strokes, both days) were fully booked, largely with folks from the club, plus a contingent who came down from Montreal, and a few of the already-converted who wanted to move further or just refresh.

Saturday night Adam gave a slide show on growing up in Greenland, and Turner gave one on the kayaking championship they went to a few years ago.

Sunday, Adam demoed and talked us through a few moves of rope gymnastics, which I'd never tried or seen other than pictures.

My role was mostly spotting people while they practiced, and herding avatuks (floats used to practice, and they blow away easily)

Initial demonstration, note the black avatuk:

From Kayak2010

Tom gets his forward butterfly roll:

Strokes in the afternoon:

Adam demonstrating a sweep turn.

Student trying a low brace.  Ideally her body should be rotated towards the paddle, but she was watching Turner's demo while doing it.

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