Sunday, December 30, 2007

Reverse wind chill, or "still warm"

You know how on weather reports in the winter they always hit you with the wind chill, "but with the wind it feels like -10!"

Many around here take the opposite approach. There's usually some sort of breeze, so that really is what the temperature feels like. If not, then you might say, "It's zero out, but there's no wind so it feels like 30!"

Today it was low 30ish, no wind, and some good sun. It felt maybe mid 50's. I wouldn't go out in a T-shirt, but hood down felt good (more on that later.) Those snowy hills are about 20 miles away on the New York side.

The ducks were soaking it up at the Coast Guard ramp.

We headed north from the Coast Guard station in downtown Burlington and stopped near North Beach to do some rolls. Someone had the idea to do Christmas theme synchronized rolls, where we all go over together, then roll up one at a time saying "HO!". Of course, I was at the end of the line. I was wearing a neoprene hood that flairs out over the shoulders. It turns out that if you stay in for a while it doesn't really keep the water out, and when you roll up it works great to keep it in; your own personal quart or so of ice water puddled around your ears and neck. It isn't just that it feels cold, though it sure does. There's also a kind of ache from all the neck muscles tensing, plus the brain freeze thing. So I pulled the hood down and the water poured out and my head got warmed by the sun and I left the hood down the rest of the trip.

North of Burlington there's a section of cliff that has soft shale at lake level, and harder Dolomite limestone higher up. Occasionally (in geologic time frame) the shale erodes to the point where it is undercut, and a chunk of the limestone layer falls in the lake. I think I have that story right, but anyway, here's a chunk.

We got about as far as Leddy Park before turning back.. a little short for my taste, but the good part is there's a second trip this week. New Year's day we're going to Lake George.

Just as we came around the Coast Guard breakwater there were some people on the bike path taking pictures of us. It was probably picturesque with the inner and outer breakwaters, and likely this lighthouse in the background.

So we did what any kayaker would when confronted with tourists... some photo-op rolls.

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