Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's 2008

At the end of the last trip 2 days ago, we were planning to go to Lake George today, so we had loaded all our kayaks on Tom's trailer. Then there was a winter storm warning for late in the day with phrasing pretty close to "Stay off the road you dumb @#$%$^!"
So, we stayed local to get back early, but still went out. Converse Bay again... one factor being the parking lot was plowed.

Another seal launch day.

The water was "bracing," but it does get the snow off. If you do the zoom-click on this one, you can see that there's a bit of slush floating at the surface, and it's snowing.

For a good part of the trip our wakes were the only disturbance on the water. Between the glassy surface and the snow cutting visibility and muffling sounds, this was a new face of Champlain for me. From some angles it looked like the boats were floating on air.

We rafted up and hooked to one of these overhanging trees on Meach Island. Cold flatbread (sauceless pizza) for lunch.

On the way back, we saw 3 loons. What's the collective for loons? A bin?

Why can't I get each paragraph to line up with its picture?


bonnie said...


OK, now youse guys is tough.

Don said...

Given how calm it was it seemed pretty serene, once you've got the dry suit etc. I still have to finish that tuilik or otherwise get a well sealing hood.

Anonymous said...

So only your face gets frozen when you roll / flip?