Monday, July 07, 2008

Hand made boat weekend?

Tail end of the good news/bad news from last time:
I got the stitches out of my hand, but not in time to kayak the harbor for the fireworks.

THe good news is there were organized (as organized as they get, anyway) trips out both Saturday and Sunday. It seemed like most everyone this weekend showed up on home made boats (though not all made in their home.)

Saturday we were paddling "the islands." Not that there aren't islands elsewhere on the lake, but in the north end there are some large enough for towns. We started from Grand Isle (As you might guess, the biggest one. A little larger than Manhattan)

Powerboat traffic was pretty light for a holiday weekend. Many we did see had "For Sale" signs, and most we saw were Canadian. One Canadian interviewed on the news pointed out that marine gas is $1.75/gal cheaper here.

Stave Island is owned by one of our local captains of industry. They seem to have a soft spot for kayakers. We chatted for a while and were invited to come up on shore.

Here's Dave with his chopped North Bay "stealth boat"

Tom is still using his new skin on frame exclusively. The other white boat in the picture is a 45 foot catamaran anchored near the dock on Stave. The width looked like around 30 feet, so the total footprint was larger than most houses. After we went around the island the occupants were snoozing on the netting up front when Tom paddled through the middle.

Going around Stave. The one in the middle is Mark's North Bay, also modified. He lowered his cockpit and a couple of feet behind for easier layback. We got to try it for a while at the end and I managed a 1 hand roll. I want to build a skin on frame sometime, but could be tempted by this stitch and glue design.

Sunday we started from Converse Bay and had lunch at a dockside restaurant on the New York side. Gerd was there with the last hand-built of the weekend, a cedar strip Outer Island. Again, modified from the original, but just scaled for body size.

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