Monday, July 14, 2008

wind and waves

Sunday was supposed to be a "get wet day" where people could come learn some strokes, wet exit, how to get rescued by another kayak, ...

The forecast was a bit harsh for that, with rain, 20-25 kt wind, 3 foot waves, so nobody signed up. The beginners might experience a little too much "get wet" and rescue. We were going to go out anyway (hey, 25 knots, 3 foot waves, what's not to like?)

In the morning it was pretty windy judging from the noise and all the moving trees outside. Tom called around 8:30 and said he wanted to go right away because he was afraid the wind would die down. I was going to meet him at Coast Guard and we'd surf downwind to Leddy beach, meed Dave, and play in the offshore shoal.

At Coast Guard, a bunch of Dragonboat teams were getting their first practice for the festival in August. Lines of 12 people doing "air paddle" as someone counts while waiting their turns in the real boats. You can see that the breakwater does a pretty good job of keeping the waves out.

We headed out into the lake to get a good downwind run. This leg featured an unexpected capsize after which I didn't realize my hat was gone until it was really gone.

At Leddy we went ashore to wait for Dave, then played in the breaking surf for a while and still didn't see him, and we headed home.

WE headed home along the shore for more practice at beach launches into the waves and reflected waves from the cliffs. The don't push you sideways much, but you go up and down a lot:

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bonnie said...

Bouncy. Looks like fun!

I just thought I'd stop by because you know that discussion we were having about Sodeb'O? You know how I said he probably didn't sleep for more than 5 minutes at a time?

I was off by 15 minutes.

Those singlehanders are some tough people.