Sunday, May 17, 2009

I got out 3 times in the last week, barely time for the gear to dry out.
Wednesday evening was Shelburne bay. Only one other paddler showed up, someone new, who at least knew she was remiss in not having some sort of cold immersion protection. I opted for heading up the LaPlatte river through the nature preserve, since at least you're never far from shore, and there won't be waves. I have to note that she made up for no wetsuit by not complaining when she did dump out of the boat.

Once past the nature preserve, the river winds through the village of Shelburne, but you'd never know it was a populated area other than the pair of bridges we passed under.

Friday was another trip with just me and a new guy who came to the area for a paddling course in the afternoon but was still up for 3 hours of paddling in the evening. At least he's enthusiastic!

Sunday was back with some of the usual crowd, and Bruce was back with his outrigger.

He had a capsize too. He's pretty adept at righting it, and there's no having to empty the cockpit. From what I hear it's pretty common to capsize a couple of times in these outrigger races, and the thing is to not lose much time getting back on.

This in front of the Inn at Shelburne Farm. The patio that used to be there fell in the lake so they are giving it another try. This time it will be a Formal Garden according to Dave, who got hired to do the garden part.

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