Sunday, May 03, 2009

Two days of paddling this weekend!

Saturday ran from Kingsland bay

to the leanto south of the Palisades in New York:
(Note to Ol' Philosopher: landing around the corner just to the north)

This was the first day I tried skipping the mitts, and it was fine (sign of spring?)

On the way we stopped to check out the heron rookery at the Otter Creek delta. It is in "land" that is posted, but the rules are that you are free to go up to the high water mark, which is about 30 inches higher than in this picture:

Given the water level, I was able to get right under this tree that had maybe 5 nests. The herons never seem to mind as they know we can't approach any closer.

There was also a big bird house. While I was there a duck came out and flew away.

When we got back, some guy was just pulling in. Watched us stripping off tuiliqs and drysuits, then headed out in his cotton T and shorts. He was actually a bit underdressed for the air temperature, never mind the water. (Also a sign of spring)

I was thinking of taking the skin boat Sunday, but the forecast was waves up to 3 feet, which my SOF will just spear through rather than ride over, so I left the Gulfstream on the car. As you can see, the big waves didn't happen. Here's Tom in his carbon Rapier with Stu in his 70's era Greenland inspired sea kayak.

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