Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Call my kayak Adam

I've been using the skin on frame exclusively for a month or so. One thing that was a bit tight on the fit was getting my heel over a particular rib while getting in or out.
Building and rolling gurus Cheri and Turner said cut it out, one missing rib is no big deal. So I did.
Removed Rib
I guess the Adam name is only appropriate if I use the cut out rib to build another boat. Anyway, exit and entry no longer require any chinese puzzle box tricks with ankle and foot.

A lot of people hoist their boats from the water when not in use, either with a frame mounted on a dock or the bottom. This hand crank used an old truck rear end and is hanging over the edge of a short cliff. Not rigged now, maybe it was replaced by the electric one nearby.

Hand Crank Boat Hoist

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