Friday, June 19, 2009

Charlie's Boathouse

Wednesday we started at Charlie's boathouse, a venerable institution at the northernmost point of Burlington's lakefront, it is at the end of a dirt road.
It was also at the end of the bikepath, before the bike bridge over the Winooski River was built. Many a parent has urged his kids on with a promise of a snack from Charlie's.

We were supposed to meet the rest of the club trip (9 boats) at the river mouth as they were launching from the state boat ramp a few hundred yards upstream. We were headed that way and saw them turn around and head back up the river. Later report was the lake looked too rough. Does it look rough in the picture? Some waves, but no whitecaps.

Tom called today suggesting a nooner trip. We headed into Shelburne bay and did some playing. Tom does a hand roll in his Turner-built SOF:
Hand Roll

Then I worked on my upside down paddling.

That's actually one of the standard items for Greenland kayaking competitions.

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