Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Malletts Bay

I got a short notice call from Sam Sunday. He was in the Islands, looking for a paddle on the way home. Winds forecast for South 15-20 kt. Waves should be good around the mouth of the Winooski, but a little complicated to give directions over the phone. Malletts Bay is easier to get to and he'd never been there, so that was settled.

With the short fetch (see map) any kind of southerly isn't going to yield big waves, but we had a good workout on the upwind stretches and a good push downwind on small waves.

From Kayak2010

From Kayak2010


bonnie said...

Well, phooey. I'm gonna be in Burlington next weekend - wish I was going to be there long enough to beg you to figure out some way to get me out on Champlain!

Flying visit for 2nd cousin's bar mitzvah though. Won't be enough time. :(

Don said...

OK, I won't start a debate on whether 2nd cousins are distant enough that it's ok to sneak out for a little tourism while no one's looking.

The 4/5th I will likely be in New Hampshire.

You should at least try for a look around waterfront park.

bonnie said...

Thanks for the suggestion - that sounds like something the whole family would enjoy!