Thursday, May 06, 2010

skinboat awareness, excitement

This weekend was the first back in the skin boat. As I was getting ready a tourist lady (guessing, since she was in a group that was taking pictures of each other with the lake in the background) came over and asked if it was a skin on frame. Then last night, as I was strapping the boat on the car someone rode up on a bike and asked if it was a Greenland kayak, and did I use one of those anarak things with it. Was there some cosmic shift in kayak consciousness I didn't hear about? Not that I'm complaining.

Dave had his stern sink on his stealth roller. When we went over to help there was a big stream of bubbles coming out of the hatch he forgot to tighten. I figured dealing with that would be the high point of weekend excitement, but then on Sunday Phelps was out and found a body floating in the lake. What a shocker! Eventually it was identified as someone missing since March.

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