Sunday, March 16, 2008

Last winter trip

It's the last weekend of winter, and it looks like we only missed 2 or 3 weeks of kayaking since the start of, what do we call it? Drysuit season?

We launched this time from the coach barn at Shelburne Farms. I'd never been there before. The grounds also have the Inn (pictured a few weeks ago) and are the site of an outdoor concert in the Mostly Mozart series.

Coming up in a few weeks is the local April Madness Greenlandic kayak fest, which includes a rolling contest. So I noticed that those of us who have a separate boat for rolling brought them this week to get in some practice at hand rolls, etc.

We headed north to Shelburne Point through generally clear water, but there were still a couple of chunk fields.

We went a bit into Shelburne Bay, about half of which is still solidly frozen with ice fishers and snowmobiles frolicking about. Then we split, with 2 of us heading to Juniper Island and the others heading straight back.

A minute or so from where we put in, there were these vertical posts on the shore with carved heads. I have no idea what the story is on these.


Don said...

Someone suggested to me that the posts are memorials to lost kayakers.

Regina Marie said...

Ice and kayaks... wow. I'd freeze! LOL