Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring kayaking

I took a week off from kayaking to ski

After all, this is Vermont.
And do some sugaring,

After all, this is Vermont. Excuse the cheesy sap bucket.

And visit family for Easter.

This weekend a couple of us lake paddling Greenland paddle kayakers went to the last of the local pool sessions to get some warm water practice before the April Madness on rolls that aren't too sure and might involve failed attempts, long hang time, and maybe wet exit (didn't happen). I got to borrow a skin-on-frame that I will likely be using for the contest. I was able to pull off all the rolls I'd learned in the Cheri-Turner class last fall. Too bad "butterfly" isn't on the competition list. I got to try a few minutes in Dave's yellow stealth boat (pictured in the March 16th blog) and managed to roll with a norsaq (picture a small windshield ice scraper). A hand roll isn't too much of a stretch from that, but time ran out.

The whitewater paddlers at least thought our kayaks looked cool.

The forecast was for 40's, but it was still below freezing for our crack-of-noon start.
We were supposed to launch at Converse Bay to accomodate our friends from the south, but it turned out the bay was still frozen solid. I got flagged down at one of the turns on the way and redirected to Charlotte town beach.

View from beach. I think the mountain with the big white slide is Giant in the Adirondacks.

THere was still ice on most of the shoreline, but you could see dirt was running off as well as water.

We went north as far as Shelburne Farms (the starting point last time) and landed for lunch. By then it had warmed to near 40, was calm and sunny.

On the way back we spotted a guy out in an Adirondack guide boat and heard a loon call.

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