Thursday, September 04, 2008

No Wind

A good crowd of 7 turned out at the Converse Bay boat launch Wednesday. Tom and I got there early for some rolling. He showed me a "storm roll," and I got it the first time. It's supposed to leave you in a more stable position than the more common layback roll. I'll have to try it in a storm sometime.

Certainly no storm last night.. more like not a breath of wind. We decided to cross the lake to Split Rock.

About when we got there we saw a rowboat following us. From a distance it looked like one of those sliding-seat wherries, which we've seen a couple of in the area. When it arrived it proved to be something larger, a combo rowboat/sailboat. LIke I said, no wind, so just a rowboat for now.

From Kayak2008

I think this style is called a Peapod.

A couple of our party know the owner, so we talked for a bit. He'd recently taken the boat to Maine. Wonder if he went to that "Small Reach" wood boat regatta.

On the far side of the split we ran into a couple of kayaks from Essex (NY) who were curious about the skinny stick paddles.

Sunsets are coming earlier! When this one showed, we figured we better skedaddle back home, tempting as it was to sit and watch it play out.

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