Thursday, September 18, 2008

The new ride

This must be the season for new kayaks. Tom got his Rapier over the weekend. Last night I test-drove a used SOF, a sleek 18 inches wide by 18 feet long. I used the same boat in a rolling class last year and correctly remembered it as a tight squeeze to get in and out but a nice boat to roll & paddle once I'm in.

We did a loop of about 8 miles in 15 kt wind. Compared to my Gulfstream, less windage. Going upwind it tends to go through waves instead of over (low volume and little rocker). Cross wave you hardly notice them between the narrow hull and v bottom (that is to say it's no less stable than on flat water.)

From SOF

Worst case fit adjustment will mean a new masik (and reskin), but I'll try shaving a bit here and there (masik, 1st rear deck beam) first. Or maybe shave a bit off my heels and modify the knees to hyperextend a little.

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