Sunday, September 28, 2008

This weekend I went to New Hampshire to help close down an AMC camp for the season. Putting boats under cover, bagging mattresses so they don't turn into mouse nests etc etc.

I had to leave early Sunday because this closing weekend coincided with the only time Cheri & Turner could come to Burlington for a rolling class. I got there when they were doing lunch between the morning and afternoon sessions.

One thing I noticed in the afternoon session was that there wasn't a factory built boat in the group. 3 of us had skin-on-frame's and the rest appeared to be stitch-and-glue plywood.

I remembered that last year's class involved a lot of standing in the water spotting a buddy, and the water is 6 or 7 degrees colder than last year, so I broke out the dry suit. It turns out that we spent pretty much the whole time in our boats, so just a tuiliq would have done fine, but you might as well be comfortable. It wast the first time I'd worn a dry suit with the new boat (the brown one in foreground) and it was actually easier to get out, more like extracting a wine cork than a wisdom tooth.

I can't say I had any great breakthroughs, but I improved my form on forward finishing rolls, can manage a static back balance brace (a bit of buoyancy from the neoprene tuiliq helped) and have stuff to work on.

I was hoping I or someone could take some shots of the actual class, but nobody had the downtime.

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