Thursday, January 28, 2010

Maple roll

The local (mostly) whitewater club has started their pool sessions and word was a couple of sea kayakers had asked about learning to roll, so 3 of us "boyz in the hoodz" (Greenland types) went to help out and try to turn them to the skinny paddle side.

Turns out the couple got the time wrong and showed up just about when it was over... maybe this week.

It was a chance to get back in my skin boat, which is too tight to use with my cold water footwear. I also got to try a "maple roll." One learning technique for Greenland rolling is to use a float called an Avatuk made from a seal bladder (or neoprene these days). This being Vermont I figured a maple syrup jug would lend a local flavor. I had a half gallon jug on hand (much smaller than an avatuk) and managed both brace and roll.

Usually we're the biggest boats in the pool, but this time there were a couple of WW canoes working on rolls.

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