Sunday, January 31, 2010

More pool

Another pool session this week. Have to get back out in the lake!
The people that wanted to learn to roll sea kayaks did come this week. While they were learning some stretches I got to use Dave's stealth roller (pictured below.) Maple roll worked well, and did a few hand rolls. Back in my own boat I worked on various off side things, upside down paddline, and managed to get a few breaths with the Petrusian maneuver (boat upside down, you slide partway out enough to reach the surface and breath without popping the seal on your skirt/tuiliq.)

The new guys got to try bracing etc with an avatuk.

From Kayak2010

By the time we left, the temperature was below zero, reminding me that whether paddling in the lake or a pool in winter, the coldest part is getting the boat on the car.


bonnie said...

Hey, is that Turner????

Don said...

Nope. Dave is our token fluffy white beard guy.

On the coincidence side, Turner did go to UVM (this is the UVM pool), and the kayak used to be Cheri's.