Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Years

A cold had me out of commission, at least wrt kayaking for a while in December. Missed the solstice, missed going out on the lake to watch them blow up the Crown Point Bridge.
I saw that on TV, but the broadcast did no justice to the reported 130 dB "BOOM". In this day of HD and all they SHOULD have had it in 5 channel surround sound, but the TV crew at the minimum 1000 feet just gave us a little thud. This (clearly) amateur vid on youtube had a lot better sound.

Meanwhile, back to New Years. The weather was favorable, even above freezing. 3 of us went out for a couple of hours from Coast Guard south to Red Rocks and got in our first rolls of the year.


bonnie said...


Sorry you weren't up for the bridge, but glad you were better for New Years. Wow, we thought our water here in Brooklyn was a little nippy. What's the temperature up your way?

Don said...

Water temp in the harbor is 36. By the bridge (narrow and not too deep) it is already iced up.

Don said...

BTW, when the bridge opened, it had a toll of $1, which was a day's pay for most of the workers that built it. Compare to the Whitestone that started out at 25 cents.